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Compare various mortgage refinance options

Compare various mortgage refinance options

Save money by refinancing your home! We offer the best mortgage refinance quotes from the most reputable national and local mortgage refinance lenders.

Take advantage of the lowest mortgage refinance rates today! Lenders are constantly updating their home refinance rates throughout the day, and we make sure you have the most recent rates.

Whether you want to refinance home loans or your mortgage, we have options that meet your particular needs. Our loan calculator is easy to use so you can determine the loan amount that is right for you.

Get started now to receive your mortgage refinance quotes. Find a rate offer and click on it to get more details about the program. Now is the time to refinance your mortgage!

Compare various mortgage refinance options


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    By mortgage we mean the credit capital required to purchase the desired property.

  • 2

    To finance the purchase of a home, you must have at least 20% equity.

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    With the first degree mortgage you can finance 65% of the property value. The remaining value is financed with the second degree mortgage.

  • 4

    On the borrowed capital, you have to pay an annual interest called mortgage interest.

  • 5

    The ongoing costs of financing must not exceed 33% of your income.

  • 6

    To repay the mortgage, it may be useful to opt for indirect amortization through life insurance.

Keys to a Successful Mortgage Refinance

It can be daunting to refinance your mortgage. But following a few simple recommendations from industry experts can help you have a successful mortgage refinance experience that saves you money.

Get Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

There has not been a better time to get low mortgage refinance rates. Learn how to sift through the myriad refinancing options available to determine the one that is best for you.

Learn About Home Refinance

It is important you educate yourself about home refinance before you try to take advantage of the low refinancing rates that currently exist for homeowners. Knowledge can save you money.

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How do the first and second degree mortgages work?

To finance a home you own, you usually need a first degree mortgage and a second degree mortgage. The first degree mortgage finances 65% of the property value while the second degree mortgage covers the remaining part up to a maximum of 15% of the property value. Generally, the second degree mortgage must be repaid or amortized within 15 years or at the latest by retirement.

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